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Our tournaments are sanctioned by a national sanctioning organization and all games are officiated by professional certified umpires.

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We have an event for every skill level!

Regardless of your trams skill lever, chances are we have an event that can fit your skill level. Our "Open" class tournaments provide teams from all different skill levels to compete in one event. We aso provide opportunities to compete at one level with our "Class C" tournament. You can also prepare your team to play by joining one of our weekday leagues.

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Compete with the best!

Play in one of our events and earn an invitation to play in one of our Invitation only tournaments compete for a paid berth to a nationally sanctioned showcase event.


Who We Are

We Professionally manage and market sporting events and create marketing strategies for business that want to market their products and services through sports programs.
Our proven marketing and management strategies will:
• expand and grow your event
• help you launch a new event
• generate sponsorship opportunities
• create a brand image
• increase exposure to your event and as well as provide increased benefits to the community


We manage and run the Live The Dream fastpitch tournaments throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.
In 2019 we will host 5-6 events sanctioned by a major sanctioning authority. These events provide marketing opportunities for business that want to target the youth sports market throughout the Midwest. In addition we host 10-20 smaller events. In 2018 more than 200 teams participated in our events.

Partner with us to run your next tournament

In addition to running and managing our own tournaments we can partner with your organization to professionally manage your event.
We will:
• Manage your event
• Market your event
• Accept Registration
•Schedule the event and officials
• Provide all follow-up after the event


By partnering with corporations, current and former professional players and coaches we create sports camps that provide learning opportunities for young players. In addition we also create venues for our sponsors to showcase their products and services. In 2016 we partnered with Nike and US Sports camps to create one of the first Nike Sports Camps in the Chicago area.